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Why LEGO Super Mario Minifigures MIGHT be Coming in August 2023

That's right, after almost three years of the LEGO Super Mario theme it's about time our favourite Italian Plumber appears in Minifigure form. Currently, Mario has only appeared in his Digfig form along with a couple of one-off appearances in LEGO Super Mario D2Cs. These involved a printed 8-bit Mario and a microscale brick-built Mario but not Mario Minifigures.

So is it about time that Mario appears in LEGO Minifigure form - the most popular LEGO form for young and old fans of LEGO. And not just Mario, but his brother Luigi and all the other popular characters like Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and much more that have appeared in many iconic Super Mario Nintendo games.

We believe now is the time for LEGO to fully utilize its Nintendo partnership and produce LEGO Super Mario Minifigures in 2023. There are a couple of reasons why we think this which we'll share with you below along with the list of all LEGO Super Mario sets currently rumoured for a 1st August 2023 release.

71420 *LEGO Super Mario* ($9.99) - 106 pieces - 1st August 2023

71421 *LEGO Super Mario* ($24.99) - 174 pieces - 1st August 2023

71422 *LEGO Super Mario* ($34.99) - 259 pieces - 1st August 2023

71423 *LEGO Super Mario* ($99.99) - 1,321 pieces - 1st August 2023

71424 *LEGO Super Mario* ($59.99) - 554 pieces - 1st August 2023

71425 *LEGO Super Mario* ($99.99) - 1,157 pieces - 1st August 2023

71426 *LEGO Super Mario 18+ D2C* ($59.99) - TBC pieces - 1st November 2023

Different Price-Per-Piece Ratio

Prices of LEGO sets have constantly increased over the last few years and this has affected many different LEGO themes including LEGO Super Mario. It was claimed that the LEGO Super Mario theme sets were priced poorly due to the technology involved with the Digifigs, interactive tiles and the reliance on the app.

But this new list of sets seems to have a noticeably better price-per-piece ratio than previous LEGO Super Mario sets. This is really odd when all themes have been affected by price increases implying that the Digifig technology may not be involved in these sets and instead much cheaper to produce Minifigure scale sets are released in August 2023. The likes of 71423 and 71425 are specially priced well.

No Weird Box Shapes

It has been reported by many retailers that the box sizes of each of these sets are nothing unusual, unlike the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course box which takes on a weird angular shape. Even the $60 set in this wave is apparently a normal-sized box. This indicates further that this wave is no longer Diggif based especially as there are no character pack-sized or priced sets to join the wave.

Unpopular Concept Amongst Fans

Like most things in LEGO, fans always want sets to be in Minifigure scale so we gain accurate fully detailed sets along with even more detailed Minifigures. And the same can be said for LEGO Mario with it being everyone's dream to finally get Mario in LEGO form.

Even though the already existing LEGO Super Mario sets aren't the worse sets on shelves, many have grown to like them but then quickly dislike them again. Many fans see the course-building system as a gimmick which is no longer very interesting and just extremely repetitive with each wave of new sets offering nothing new. This has led to many sets being on sale throughout the year in many stores.

Low Price D2C

As you can see from the setlist above, this years LEGO Super Mario 18+ D2C is only $59.99, cheaper than two standard sets in this wave. And much cheaper than the previous three LEGO Super Mario D2Cs. So does that mean this set could be something completely different like a Minifigure diorama which we've seen in many other themes like LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Jurassic Park.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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