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LEGO Super Mario 71427 Larry's & Morton's Airships Expansion Set Officially Revealed | August 2023

We've already had an official reveal of most of this year's summer 2023 LEGO Super Mario wave but another one has now been officially revealed for 1st August 2023. In particular, this is Larry's and Morton's Airships Expansion Set giving us a brand new brick-built Koopaling. The LEGO Super Mario expansion set which isn't tied to any subtheme like the Donkey Kong sets will retail for $79.99 with 1,062 pieces.

That's a fairly good price with just over 1,000 pieces with a total of three brick-built characters of the koopalings Larry and Morton and a pirate Goomba. This fits perfectly with the builds of the set which are two airships taken into battle to defeat LEGO Mario, Luigi and Peach. There's the ability for these Digfigs to interact with different tiles in order to make the ships fly and defeat these brick-built enemies.

Set Information

Set Name - Larry's and Morton's Airships Expansion Set

Set Number - 71427

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 1,062

Price - $79.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023


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