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LEGO Super Mario 71424 Donkey Kong's Treehouse Expansion Set Officially Revealed | August 2023

After a closer look at LEGO Donkey the other day, LEGO have given us official images of one of eight sets releasing for the LEGO Super Mario theme on 1st August 2023. And this set is one of hopefully many that includes that buildable LEGO Donkey with 71424 being Donkey Kong's Treehouse Expansion Set.

As the name suggests, the main build of the set is a Donkey Kong-style treehouse which is a fair size allowing plenty of space of Donkey Kong. Inside the tree house, there's buildable TV, radio and secret compartment along with an area for either Mario or Donkey Kong to take a nap in the hammock, knock a banana off the palm tree and even ‘play’ the conga drums.

Along the way and with the use of the interactive tiles, LEGO Mario will be able to pick up a bunch of coins. This is especially the case as, like many buildable characters in the theme, Donkey Kong can interact with Mario, Luigi and Peach by them riding on his back. And Donkey isn't the only new buildable character as Cranky Kong is also included. He's a much a smaller size but still included a new print and that long white beard.

All of this and more makes for a great LEGO Super Mario set which is reasonably priced too at $59.99 for 554 pieces. Due to its latter Summer 2023 release date of 1st August 2023, it'll likely be a while until we see more LEGO Super Mario sets but we'll keep you posted here at Bricks Up when images of more of the Kong family in LEGO form appear...

Set Information

Set Name - Donkey Kong's Treehouse Expansion Set

Set Number - 71424

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 554

Price - $59.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023


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