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LEGO Avatar 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls Officially Revealed at LEGO CON | October 2022

After our first few pictures the other day, we've now got official pictures of the biggest LEGO Avatar set for October 2022 of 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls. The set kicks off LEGO and Avatar's new partnership which is rumoured to contain four sets releasing on 1st October 2022 with more coming in 2023. This set is the biggest of the rumoured four with 1212 pieces and retailing for $149.99.

Four Minifigures are included of Jake Sully (avatar), Neytiri, the spiritual leader of the Mo'at clan and the warrior Tsu'Tey. At the centre of the set is the eponymous tree of souls which is about 20cm tall with drooping leaves which are white and pink. The set also includes two other smaller modules that depict the colourful flora and some rocks and a large orange Leonopteryx which has fabric wings and a new head mould.

Set Information

Set Name - Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls

Set Number - 75574

Ages - 12+

Piece Count - 1212

Price - $149.99

Release Date - 1st October 2022


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