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First Look at LEGO Super Mario Donkey Kong Themed Summer 2023 Sets | Funky Kong, Dixie Kong + More

LEGO Donkey is getting ever closer to release as LEGO has given us more images of the upcoming brick-built LEGO Donkey in the next wave of LEGO Super Mario sets. This next wave will release on 1st August 2023 with 8 sets and an official reveal very soon. This is because LEGO has teased the next wave by giving us further images of Donkey Kong and the Kong family.

We first saw LEGO Donkey Kong on Mario day and like many buildable characters in the theme, he can interact with Mario, Luigi and Peach by riding on their backs. This then produces some cool Donkey Kong music which is likely to appear throughout this wave of LEGO Super Mario sets. This is most likely to happen in one of the most expensive sets of the wave of 71425 which will retail for $99.99 with 1,157 pieces.

Donkey Kong is also very detailed in its design along with its functionality. He includes a red tie with the printed DK logo along with another print for his eyes. Big fig hands are used to recapture his gorilla lime structure along with many brown and tan pieces to make up his fur and belly.

However, thanks to a promotional video on social media, Donkey Kong isn't the only buildable LEGO Super Mario character coming on 1st August 2023. This is because we now know the designs of Cranky Kong with his walking stick and white beard, Diddy Kong with his red baseball cap, Dixie Kong who has her usual pink outfit and blonde hair and Funky Kong. He's the coolest kong of them all with a white t-shirt and cool sunglasses.

Currently, it's unconfirmed what set Donkey Kong will appear in or how many. But as already mentioned, we believe he'll most likely appear in the most expensive set coming in the Summer of 71425 along with many other sets for the rest of the Kong family. Either way, Donkey Kong and the Kong family along with at least eight more sets are coming for the LEGO Super Mario theme in the second half of 2023.


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