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Breaking Records with LEGO Bricks: How Lucas-Dynamics’ LEGO Auto Clicker Took the Internet by Storm

Have you ever thought something as simple as plastic LEGO bricks could break world records? Well, afol YouTuber Lucas-Dynamics did just that! They created a super-fast mouse clicker using entirely LEGO Technic pieces, and it’s taken the internet by storm. To date, the video showcasing this amazing gadget has over 9 million views on YouTube! 

This clever device isn’t just a toy, it's a powerful machine that clicks a computer mouse faster than any human ever could. Lucas-Dynamics’ invention exemplifies how creativity and a few LEGO pieces can come together to make something truly extraordinary. 

People all over the world are amazed by how such a simple idea can become a record-breaking sensation. It’s a perfect example of how imagination, technology and of course, the main ingredient LEGO, can create wonders for kids and adults alike!

How It All Started

Avid LEGO collector and enthusiast Lucas-Dynamics loves to push the boundaries of what LEGO can do. They decided to build a machine that clicks a computer mouse incredibly fast - so fast that in fact, no human has ever clicked a mouse that many times in such a short amount of time. First, they built a simple frame with LEGO to hold the mouse in place. Then, they added a stick and a motor to very quickly click the mouse when the switch is turned on.

To see how fast their new invention was, they connected it to their PC and accessed a website called This website puts your mouse-clicking skills to the test and measures how many times you can click a mouse in just one second. You can try it out for yourselves by hitting that link but good luck beating Lucas-Dynamics' high score...

When they tested it, the auto clicker achieved 8.6 clicks per second, which was almost the same as the 8.2 clicks per second they got when clicking manually. Realising they could make it even faster, they decided to tweak the design and improve the mechanics of the clicker.

Making It Faster

At first, the clicker could do 8.6 clicks per second but Lucas-Dynamics was aiming high and putting his LEGO skills to the test with the aim of making the auto clicker even faster! After testing the auto clicker on, they found that it wasn’t as fast as they hoped. So, they decided to make further modifications.

First, they changed the click angle to be a little diagonal, which improved the speed to 9.0 clicks per second. Next, they adjusted the gear ratio by adding more gears and increasing the gear rotation speed. These changes made a big difference, and the auto clicker’s speed jumped to 29.4 clicks per second. But they didn’t stop there as Lucas-Dynamics continued to push the capabilities of LEGO and LEGO Technic pieces.

Breaking Records

Further changes were necessitated as they continued to refine and push the limits of their auto clicker. Lucas-Dynamics decided to add a controller so they could adjust the mouse-clicking speed whenever they wanted. To build this controller, they first used a motor with 490 RPM (revolutions per minute).

However, they aimed for an even higher speed, so they tried another motor with 2400 RPM, using an RPM calculator device shown in the YouTube video to measure the speed. Lucas thought this motor might be too fast, potentially breaking the computer mouse, so they finally decided on a motor with 1700 RPM.

They also noticed that the current mechanism had too many moving parts, which could be improved and simplified. To simplify the design, they used a single part directly connected to the motor. They also made sure the device didn’t damage the mouse by adding some rubber parts as protection. With all these upgrades, the clicker finally reached an amazing speed of 70.2 clicks per second!

People Love It

People who watched the video, including everyone here at Bricks Up, were absolutely amazed as Lucas-Dynamics pushed the capabilities of LEGO in order to break real-world records. Some of comments from fans include the likes of “Wow, this is incredible!” and “I didn’t know LEGO could do this!” as everyone showed their appreciation towards Lucas-Dynamics incredible creation.

Some even suggested that LEGO should sponsor Lucas-Dynamics because of this cool invention. One viewer commented, “This is the type of video that we will be recommended in 7-10 years,” showing how memorable and impactful the video is. Another enthusiastic fan wrote, “Dude, LEGO should sponsor this guy! He literally broke the world record using toys!” 

Viewers are thrilled by the creativity and skill behind the auto clicker, with many expressing admiration and excitement for future projects from Lucas-Dynamics.

Engineering Challenges and Solutions

Building the LEGO auto clicker wasn’t without its challenges. One major issue Lucas-Dynamics faced was the complexity of the device, which had too many moving parts. This made the machine less efficient and harder to control. To tackle this, they decided to simplify the mechanism. They replaced the complex setup with a single, faucet-like LEGO block directly connected to the motor. This streamlined design reduced the number of moving parts and made the clicker more reliable. 

Another challenge was the potential damage to the mouse due to the rapid clicking. To solve this, Lucas-Dynamics added rubber parts to the mechanism. These rubber components helped cushion the impact, reducing the risk of damaging the mouse and making the clicking much smoother.

Choosing the right motor was also a critical part of the process. They started with a motor that had 490 RPM (revolutions per minute) but found it wasn’t fast enough. They then tried a motor with 2400 RPM, but it was too fast and hard to control. Finally, they settled on a motor with 1700 RPM, which provided a perfect balance between speed and control. Using an RPM calculator device, they ensured the motor’s speed was optimal for achieving high clicks per second without compromising the stability and durability of the auto clicker.

These thoughtful solutions and adjustments highlight Lucas-Dynamics’ engineering skills and their ability to overcome obstacles to create a record-breaking device made entirely out of LEGO bricks.


Lucas-Dynamics achieved something truly remarkable by building a record-breaking auto clicker using LEGO Technic. This innovative project not only smashed previous click speed records but also showcased the incredible potential of LEGO for creative engineering and robotics. The success of this project demonstrates how a simple plastic toy can be transformed into a powerful tool through ingenuity and technical skill.

This achievement highlights the endless possibilities with LEGO Technic, encouraging enthusiasts to think outside the box and explore new ways to use these versatile building blocks. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or just starting out, this project shows that with creativity and determination, you can create amazing things.

Here at Bricks Up, we invite you to watch the video and see this incredible auto-clicker in action. Discover more about the world of LEGO Technic and get inspired to embark on your own creative builds. Who knows? You might just create the next viral sensation with over 9 million views!


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