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What Is There Still Left For LEGO Icons In 2022? | Winter Village, Eiffel Tower, NASA Space + More

With the second half of 2022 now upon us, it's time to look at what's still left to come out for the always-growing LEGO theme of LEGO Icons. The theme had an extremely busy August with the release of both 90th Anniversary sets and both 10304 and 10306. September then had no sets at all as the theme prepares for the end of 2022 and the start of 2023 as currently two sets are rumoured for next year.

However, one of the most popular sets each year for the LEGO Icons theme is the Winter Village set and this year will also have one. 10308 will be this year's Winter Village set with a retail price of $99.99 and a piece count of 1514.

However, there are still another two more LEGO Marvel D2Cs with both rumoured to be coming in October. These are 76210 which is currently unnamed and 76215 Hulkbuster Mk II. Both of these sets together will retail for a combined total of $800 and that's before the upcoming price increases in September. This is the same price as last year's 10293 Santa's Visit indicating that the set for this year may be similar.

In November the third ever LEGO Eiffel Tower will be coming in a set retailing for a whopping $629.99. This version will also mainly be in a tan or dark tan colour making it more accurate to the real colours of the Eiffel Tower. 10307 will also sit on a frame that will provide more stability for the four legs than a usual base plate.

Finally, there are at least three more sets rumoured for 2022 for the LEGO Icons theme. This include 10301 which is rumoured to be a NASA Space set. However, recent rumours have suggested that the set may be delayed or even cancelled so we'll have to wait and see. There are also two more sets of 10296 and 10310 which currently have no confirmed release date.

October 2022

10308 *LEGO Winter Village 2022* ($99.99) - 1514 pieces (Rumoured)

November 2022

10307 Eiffel Tower ($629.99) (Rumoured)

Unknown 2022

10296 *LEGO Icons*

10301 *LEGO Icons NASA Space* (Rumoured)

10310 *LEGO Icons*


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