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New LEGO Donkey Kong Buildable Character Coming to the LEGO Super Mario Theme in August 2023

After the official reveal of 71423 Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion, another LEGO Super Mario reveal has taken place for Mario Day 2023. This time though its not a new set but a brand new buildable character of Donkey Kong. Like many buildable characters in the theme, he can interact with Mario, Luigi and Peach by riding on the back of him which then produces some cool Donkey Kong music.

Donkey Kong is also very detailed in design along with functionality. He includes a red tie with the printed DK logo along with another print for his eyes. Big fig hands are used to recapture his gorilla lime structure along with many brown and tan pieces to make up his fur and belly.

Currently, it's unconfirmed what set Donkey Kong will appear in or how many. We believe he'll most likely appear in the most expensive set coming in the Summer of 71425 which will retail for $99.99 with 1,157 pieces. Either way, Donkey Kong and at least eight more sets are coming for the LEGO Super Mario theme in the second half of 2023.


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