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LEGO Teases The Next LEGO Ideas Set 21348 Dungeons & Dragons For April 2024

LEGO has given us a tease of the next LEGO Ideas set and the start of a brand new partnership with the Danish brand. 2024 will mark the first ever LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set with the fourth LEGO Ideas model of 2024 being 21348 Dungeons & Dragons. The latest fan-made set will become the most expensive model of the year for the LEGO Ideas theme with 3,745 pieces retailing for $359.99.

In 2022, LEGO and the LEGO Ideas theme announced another collaboration with Hasbro, this time joining forces with its Dungeons & Dragons brand. Master builders could submit their own Dungeons & Dragons-themed brick-built models on the LEGO Ideas platform with one of these designs becoming an actual set.

The contest was announced in October 2022, and it was revealed early last year that Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by BoltBuilds emerged as the winner. Since then, the LEGO designers along with BoltBuilds have been hard at work to create the latest 18+ licensed set for the LEGO Ideas theme.

And just the other day LEGO gave us our first look at the fan-made model with a short teaser video on social media. The video showed a monster from the world of DnD known as a Gelatinous Cube. This would often be the location to get your first in-game loot from the light blue cube but players must be careful. If not, they will be drawn into the jelly-like interior just like the LEGO Minifigure skeleton shown in the teaser.

Along with the LEGO corpse, there are plenty of other objects and sneak peeks at 21348 which will retail for $359.99 with 3,745 pieces. These include coins, keys, a glass, a pan, a sword and, the most interesting of all, a round shield showing the purple beholder. The enemy was included in the original submission and hopefully, this little hint confirms its inclusion in the final model once it releases on 1st April 2024.

And sadly that's it of details from our first teaser of LEGO's collaboration with Dnd. However you can read more about the rumoured set here and, of course, you can let us know your thoughts about the upcoming 18+ set in the comments below.


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