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LEGO Super Mario 71429 Nabbit at Toad's Shop Officially Revealed | January 2024

The first LEGO Super Mario sets of 2024 have been officially revealed and it seems like the course-building system is all but finished. 71429 Nabbit at Toad's Shop is the latest set to be compatible with Digfig Mario, Luigi and Peach. Each of those has to be purchased separately in order to create your own interactive course with 71429 Nabbit at Toad's Shop.

The $19.99 set includes 230 pieces along with two unexclusive yet adorable and fun characters of Toad and Nabbit. The Toad shop is unsurprisingly built in a mushroom with a cute shop print included to signify. Other details of the January 2024 set include a small cart with food, brick-built models such as a train and an aeroplane, and a stand with even more food.

71429 Nabbit at Toad's Shop

Set Name - Nabbit at Toad's Shop

Set Number - 71429

Age Range - 7+

Piece Count - 230

Price - $19.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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