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LEGO Marvel 76210 Hulkbuster Mrk2 D2C Rumoured For November 2022

After over a year of rumours, the giant LEGO Marvel D2C of the Mrk 2 Hulkbuster is closer to release than ever. The set was originally rumoured to have the set number 76215 but this was surprisingly revealed as another Black Panther: Wakanda Forever set of 76215 Black Panther. This meant the Hulkbuster would become the biggest LEGO Marvel set of 2022.

And that fact still remains but thanks to Brick Clicker it'll retail for an extra $50 at $549.99 rather than the originally rumoured $499.99. Once again, this is another big LEGO set unfairly affected by the recent price increases. However, Brick Clicker does believe that even though it is very expensive, it is a very tall and big model so it somewhat deserves the huge price.

The exact size and movie based on the giant Hulkbuster are unknown. However, we do know that included in the 4,049 pieces is a Tony Stark Minifigure. He can be placed on a stand next to the usual D2C plaque covering all the details about the Hulkbuster.

Apart from the Minifigure, price and piece count, not much more is known about the set and similar to 76215, it's likely to be kept under wraps for a while. However, if you're a LEGO VIP the set will be available as soon as 4th November 2022 whilst everyone else will be able to purchase it from 11th November 2022.

Set Information

Set Name - Hulkbuster Mrk2

Set Number - 76210

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 4,049

Price - $549.99

Release Date - 11th November 2022


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