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LEGO Ideas 21343 Viking Village Leaked Online For October 2023

We're a couple of days early before the big reveal but the next LEGO Ideas set has leaked early online thanks to a French retailer. The LEGO Ideas set is the sixth of the year with it being the highly anticipated 21343 Viking Village. The $130 sets official reveal is on 1st September 2023, exactly a month before its release on 1st October 2023 with the final LEGO Ideas set releasing on 1st November 2023 of 21344 Orient Express.

But back to 21343 Viking Village, the 18+ set is following in the footsteps of 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay by bringing back memories of an old LEGO theme. This time it'll be LEGO Vikings that 21343 Viking Village will be bringing back the nostalgia with a village full of Viking details and mysteries all grounded and rooted in actual history. We've even got four colourful and adventurous Viking Minifigures included.

Not only is it similar to historic events but 21343 Viking Village is also very similar to the original submission by BrickHammer. 21343 will retail for $129.99 with 2,103 pieces which is just three more than the original submission roughly had. And as you can see from the pictures the Viking Village is a decent size, expanding a greater distance than the original design thanks to some design improvements from the LEGO team.

Main features of the Viking Village such as the small blacksmith's shop and the blacksmith's house are included just like the original submission from 3 years ago. For $130 there's also likely a great main hall for gatherings, a tall temple building and a small watch tower, which is connected to the temple via a bridge. And there's even more, such as the mine, included in 21343 which will be revealed at a Target event taking place on 1st September 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Viking Village

Set Number - 21343

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,103

Price - $129.99

Release Date - 1st October 2023


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