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LEGO Ideas 21337 Table Football Officially Revealed | November 2022

The LEGO Ideas theme is set to have its biggest and best year yet as another set has been officially revealed today. This is the last LEGO Ideas set of the year with 21337 Table Football retailing for $249.99 when it releases on 1st November 2022. The set becomes the 45th LEGO Ideas set but the seventh of the year and one of the biggest.

The main selling point of the set is the number of Minifigures included: altogether there are 22 Minifigures (11 for each team). Each of these Minifigures can be customised further from the usual blue and red team colours to different hairstyles and heads. A total of 43 different hairstyles are included along with 44 different headpieces including a Minifigure with vitiligo for the first time and one with a hearing aid.

Of these 22 different Minifigures, only 10 will be playing at a time with each time having a total of 5 Minifigures: a Goalkeeper, two midfielders and two attackers. For the rest of the Minifigures, they can sit in the spectator stand/substitute bench which is also included in the build. There are also many flags and a trophy for the winning team on the stand/bench.

The main brick-built Table Football measures 41 cm long and 15cm high according to the information at the back of the box, taking up most of the 2,339 pieces. Even though this is a condensed version of the original submission, this still allows two players to have a fun game of Table Football and change players at ease. A new ball piece is also included to make the game more playable and fun for all ages.

Each team included two fairly movable rods: one for the goalie/midfield and the other for the attackers. This once again makes it easier for younger players. There are even colour-coded sliding knobs to keep count of the number of goals. Like normal Table Football, these are manually moved by the player and they also only go up to five.

However, even with a hefty price tag, the selection of Minifigures and customization is exceptional making it much more fun for all ages. It's also a great set to tie into this year's World Cup in Qatar in November/December 2022...

Set Information

Set Name - Table Football

Set Number - 21337

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2339

Price - $249.99

Release Date - 1st November 2022


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