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LEGO Icons 40646 Daffodils Officially Revealed | January 2023

The LEGO Icons theme has had its first set reveal of 2023 even though it's in a different form than what we're used to. This is because the set is 40646 Daffodils which is part of the LEGO Botanical Collection subtheme but under a different set numbering. Previously, the set would have had LEGO Creator branding like 40460 Roses and 40461 but LEGO seems to be further trying to target the adult market.

Either way, the set is another nice and much cheaper addition to the 18+ subtheme with two yellow and two white flowers included for $12.99. The set will also go nicely with two more LEGO Botanical Collection sets which are set to release a month later on 1st February 2023. These are 10314 Dried Flower Decoration and 10313 Wild Flower Bouquet which will be the usual standard of sets for the theme.

Set Information

Set Name - Daffodils

Set Number - 40646

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 216

Price - $12.99

Release Date - 1st January 2023


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