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LEGO Icons 10308 Holiday Main Street Winter Village 2022 Set Rumoured For October 2022

Update: The set has now been officially revealed by LEGO. Click this link to read more!

After our recent post about the next LEGO Winter Village set, retailer has given us an official set name and description. Thanks to exabrickslegogo_ on Instagram, this year's Winter Village set of 10308 was previously rumoured to consist of two main buildings: a music store and a toy store. This is still the case but the new 2023 set will now be called Holiday Main Street.

One of these stores included in the set has already been a LEGO Winter Village set of 10249 Winter Village Toy Shop from a few years ago. However, this set consisted of just this store and had considerably fewer pieces. This means 10308 will likely include a much more detailed toy store and more effort and pieces will be put into the music store's design as this has never been featured in the LEGO Winter Village range.

However, even though those stores are the main buildings for this 'Main Street', a lot more is included in the 1514 pieces set. Each store is likely to include a small cosy apartment above for the shopowners who are included as Minifigures. They're also a couple of shoppers Minifigures who are dressed in warm clothes to brace the wintery snow that covers each of the stores.

But the Minifigures included in the set don't have to walk between the stores as a festive tram is also included in 10308. The tram will most likely be red and covered in snow and many Christmas celebrations. A similar thing has also happened to the small tram stop. However, no LEGO Powered Up functions like tracks and lights are included but can be brought separately.

As has been previously rumoured, the set will retail for $99.99 with a total of 1514 pieces included to make up the two buildings. However, there is a possibility the price could increase to $129.99 for the biggest LEGO Winter Village set yet. This will most likely be because of other inclusions in the set like a Christmas tree, a little bit of fencing with a signpost and a clock tower.

It won't be long now until we see official images as the set release on 3rd October 2022 with a VIP release most likely on either the 1st October or 28/29th September 2022. Make sure to check over the next few days for more information about the set.

Set Information

Set Name - Holiday Main Street

Set Number - 10308

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1514

Price - $99.99 (could be $129.99)

Release Date - 3rd October 2022


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