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LEGO Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower Officially Revealed | Black Friday 2022

A brand new LEGO Icons set has been rumoured for a while now but today LEGO has finally officially revealed 10307. The 18+ set is a brand new version of the iconic French monument the Eiffel Tower which has already appeared in LEGO form twice. However, this version is the biggest yet measuring almost 1.5 metres tall (149 cm) and 57 cm wide.

This means the designers of 10307 Eiffel Tower are beating last year's LEGO Icons set of 10294 Titanic which was 1.35m long. And not only is this an extremely big build, but it is also very expensive and very detailed. Previously rumoured to be retailing for $629.99, the set has now increased by $50 and so will be retailing for $679.99 with a total of 10,001 pieces making it the second biggest LEGO set of all time.

As you can see from the official pictures, the build uses a lot of sophisticated techniques to make the tower very realistic and accurate. The brick-built tower is in dark grey like the other two versions but the beams of the tower are a very striking and unique element of the build with a much more detailed design as already mentioned. The bottom of the tower even includes some greeny showing the vast size of the tower

10307 also sits on a nice frame that provides it more stability for the four legs than a usual base plate. This is probably mainly because of all the pieces used to make the main bulk of the tower. Also similar to last year's 10294 Titanic, its range of Minifigures will be non-existent but a Minifigure scale GWP will be coming around 25th November 2022 of 40579 Eiffel's Apartment.

Set Information

Set Name - Eiffel Tower

Set Number - 10307

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 10,001

Price - $679.99

Release Date - 25th November 2022


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