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LEGO Icons 10303 Loop Coaster Officially Revealed | July 2022

After a year without a set for the LEGO Icons sub-theme, the Fairground Collection sets will be expanding further this year as the latest 18+ set has been officially revealed. In particular, 10303 is a brand new Rollercoaster to replace 2018s 10261 Rollercoaster which has now retired. However, this version is $70 cheaper but with, for the first time, two brick built loops for the LEGO Rollercoaster to race through.

As with previous LEGO Rollercoasters, 10303 Loop Coaster has a small curved roofed station allowing Minifigures to board and exit the ride. The Rollercoaster itself consists of three light blue carriages and runs on yellow rails. Once the Rollercoaster drives out of the station onto a piece of track, it is immediately lifted up by an elevator lift to the top of the tower where a large brick-built sign of 'LOOP' is located.

This tower, which is 92cm tall, can be operated with a Power-Up function for the lift so it automatically runs but it can also simply be operated by a crank to slowly lift it up. Once the Rollercoaster is at the top, there's a 180-degree turn to the right, followed by a steep 90-degree long descent. This leads into the two similarly sized loops just before the ride ends with a 270-degree turn left and a 90-degree turn right before the station.

The two new loops and the elevator are the main new features of this LEGO Roller Coaster but eleven Minifigures are also included. These are seven passengers, three retail sellers and a Rollercoaster operator. Side builds include a hot dog grill stand, a pretzel shop, a small ballon bike stand, a bench for Minifigures to sit on, and a map of the park. All of these side builds are located right next to the green baseplates that are used for the Coaster build.

Set Information

Set Name - Loop Coaster

Set Number - 10303

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 3756

Price - $399.99

Release Date - 5th July 2022


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