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LEGO Classic Space 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP Officially Revealed | 16th February 2024

2024 is the year of LEGO Space with a wide range of themes including out-of-the-world themed sets from LEGO City to LEGO DREAMZzz. And we now have official images of a free Gift With Purchase LEGO Space-themed set releasing literally tomorrow. In particular, this is the previously rumoured 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad which will become available starting as early as the 16th February 2024.

However, that 16th February 2024 date only applies if you are part of the LEGO Insiders program. Those who aren't part of the program will be able to get their hands on this brand new GWP starting from the 19th of February 2024 and lasting until the 25th of February 2024. 40712 will be available with any LEGO products as long as they go over the $200 threshold.

Away from all the details, 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP actually includes Classic Space branding on its box. All other LEGO Space sets so far this year have featured other branding but LEGO seems to be continuing to ever so slowly bring back iconic themes and nostalgia into the modern-day world.

The set itself is even a nod to some classic LEGO space sets such as 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport, 6971 Inter-Galactic Command Base and 920 Alpha-1 Rocket Base. However, this time they are built in a much smaller, microscale way allowing two LEGO Classic Space baby Minifigures to be included. These are a blue version and a white version which are small enough to fit inside the spaceship included in 40712.

40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP

Set Name - Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP

Set Number - 40712

Age Range - 9+

Piece Count - 325

Price - GWP over $200

Release Date - 16th February 2024


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