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LEGO Art 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection Officially Revealed | March 2022

The next LEGO Art set has finally been revealed after an initial tease a few days ago. It turns out that tease didn't give anything away about what's in 31205 Jim Lee Batman and its three different models. This LEGO Art set is quite different compared to other Art sets as it's a collaboration with DC Comics artist Jim Lee which includes an exclusive signed tile by the man himself.

As already mentioned, a total of three different models can be made from just one set, another model can be created with two and finally, if you have all three a giant mosaic can be created. The singular mosaics are Batman who got a blue cowl, Harley Quinn who includes a range of reds and blue to make up her hair and the Joker who comes with his classic green hair and a devilish smile.

The two combined one is a landscape mosaic of Batman and Catwoman with an exploding city in the background complete with tall buildings and a red bridge. The biggest one is the three combined one which is a portrait of the blue cowled Batman with most of his upper body, including the bat signal, on show along with another exploding background.

Set Information

Set Name - Jim Lee Batman Collection

Set Number - 31205

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 4167

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st March 2022


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