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LEGO Architecture 21060 Himeji Castle Leaked Online For August 2023

The LEGO Architecture theme has had an extremely quiet 2023 with currently no sets releasing but that seems to soon be changing. This is because the previously rumoured 21060 Himeji Castle has been leaked online indicating its release is closer than ever. And this is especially the case as the rumoured 18+ set will be releasing on 1st August 2023 so an official reveal could be very soon.

But for now, we have a leaked image from a Facebook Group who were able to find the set early. Here we're able to see the Japanese hilltop castle complex located in the vibrant city of Himeji in brick built form. The case itself is located on some large mountains which are mainly brown to give the mainly black and white Japanese castle some more colour.

There's also some more colour in the scenery in front of the mountain and the Himeji Castle. Here there are a couple of brick-built trees including a cherry blossom tree which stands out against the rest of the set. There are also other smaller buildings which perfectly match the castle's architecture. All of these 2,125 pieces which will retail for $159.99 are sat on top of a black base, giving the set that lovely 18+ style finish.

Set Information

Set Name - Himeji Castle

Set Number - 21060

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,125

Price - $159.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023

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