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Every LEGO Icons Set Rumoured For 2023 | Jazz Club, Botanical Sets, Land Rover, Rivendell + More

Continuing our 'every LEGO set rumoured for 2023' series, today we're looking at the popular LEGO Icons theme. The majority of these sets are available directly from LEGO, have an age rating of 18+ and have the simplistic black box design and have recently moved to just being for adults. In total there are seven currently rumoured LEGO Icons sets which include three more sets for the Botanical Collection subtheme.

A brick-built Landrover Classic Defender will also be coming for the theme in 2023 as the brick-built car subtheme also continues. This is currently the joint most expensive set rumoured for 2023 but the more exciting and interesting set for the theme has to be 10312 Jazz Club. This years Modular is another detailed addition with two buildings of a Jazz Club and a Pizzeria with the set already being revealed earlier this week.

10312 Jazz Club ($229.99) - 2,899 pieces - 4th January 2023 (Revealed)

10313 Wild Flower Bouquet ($59.99) - 939 pieces - 1st February 2023 (Rumoured)

10314 Dried Flower Decoration ($49.99) - 812 pieces - 1st February 2023 (Rumoured)

10315 *LEGO Icons* - 2023 (Rumoured)

10316 Rivendell (Lord of the Rings) ($499.99) - 6,167 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

10317 Land Rover Classic Defender ($239.99) - 2,336 pieces - 1st April 2023 (Rumoured)

40646 Daffodils ($12.99) - 216 pieces - 1st January 2023 (Revealed)


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