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LEGO Icons 10312 Jazz Club Officially Revealed | New Modular Building For January 2023

As has become a tradition for the past few years, another LEGO Modular Building will be coming in 2023 as part of the LEGO Icons theme. The set first leaked a couple of days ago but LEGO has finally officially revealed the 18th-ever LEGO Modular Building. The LEGO Icons set comes under the set number 10312 consisting of Jazz Club as the focal point of the set along with a small Pizzeria next to it.

As already mentioned, the Jazz Club is the main part of this years Modualr Building with a lovely dark red architecture which blends into a bright blue down the bottom. Like most clubs, a giant Jazz Club sign is out the front along with a program announcement above the front door. There's also an opportunity to look at the lovely posters, buy tickets for the show and watch the musical show with the stage and seats.

On the second floor of the Jazz Club is a desk along with an organiser for the building. There isn't much space here due to the staircase leading to the next level. This next level contains a dressing room and practise area allowing the musicians to prepare for the show. There's also some space for the magical and his animals to prepare for there part of the show

Meanwhile, the Pizzeria is a much smaller building but blends in nicely with its yellow walls and Italian decorations. There are some seats outside along with more indoors where the pizzas are actually made. However, the Pizzeria also houses a tailor on its top floor which is most likely used by those performing at the Jazz Club.

A Modular Building isn't complete without a great selection of Minifigures and this year is no different with a total of eight included. These include a a jazz singer, bassist and drummer, a magican, a tailor, a pizza baker, a pizzeria customer and a pizza delivery man with a green scooter. Theres also a small white rabbit and a squirrel.

All of this and more make up the fairly large piece count of 2,899. And like every Modular Building, it'll be releasing at the start of the year from 4th January 2023 and will retail for $229.99. A promo will also release a few weeks later of 40586 but this is unlikely to be officially revealed by LEGO anytime soon.

Set Information

Set Name - Jazz Club

Set Number - 10312

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,899

Price - $229.99

Release Date - 4th January 2023


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