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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Architecture 21058 The Great Pyramid of Giza | Summer 2022

As we reported recently, the next LEGO Architecture set is 21058 The Great Pyramid of Giza and thanks to we now know more information about the 18+ set. In particular, the set will be based on how the pyramid complex looked 4000 years ago today. Because of the detail that will go into replicating this historic monument, 1476 pieces are included retailing for $129.99.

Just like the real thing all those years ago, the LEGO version will be built mainly with white bricks and features a golden keystone on top of the pyramid. This all fits on to a classic LEGO Architecture diorama being around 46 studs wide and 30 studs deep and being surrounded by a narrow black frame that includes a printed name tile.

In the foreground of the diorama, there's the river Nile that stretches the whole width of the set with one or two ships sailing across it. In the middle of the river is a temple-like jetty which is connected by a path to the entrance of the pyramid in the background. Next to the river are two other smaller pyramids, several small houses and a few palm trees.

However, the actual Great Pyramid of Giza which will take up most of the set is only half of the pyramid itself as the inside is open. Here we can see the King and Queens chambers along with a large gallery and airshafts. Technic holes are included at the back of the set so that if you get two of 21058 it can be connected to great on big pyramid and diorama.

Set Information

Set Name - The Great Pyramid of Giza

Set Number - 21058

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1476

Price - $129.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022


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