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LEGO Star Wars 75384 4+ Crimson Firehawk Rumoured For January 2024 | Young Jedi Adventures

After our first LEGO Young Jedi Adventures set released in June, we now have another one rumoured for a 2024 release. In particular, this is 75384 which is rumoured to be the spaceship known as the Crimson Firehawk. The spaceship, piloted by Nash Durango during the High Republic era, has appeared in most episodes of the show since it aired in May and so will likely be popular in brick-built LEGO form.

The Minifigure lineup for the set is unknown but it's likely that Nash Durango himself will be included along with two to three other Minifigures. These are likely to be Kai Brightstar, Nubs, RJ-83 or Lys Solay who have appeared in the show and as crewmembers for the Crimson Firehawk. Either way, the 4+ set will retail for $49.99 with 136 pieces once it releases on 1st January 2024

Set Information

Set Name - Crimson Firehawk

Set Number - 75384

Ages - 4+

Piece Count - 136

Price - $49.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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