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LEGO Star Wars 75379 R2-D2 Rumoured For March 2024

R2-D2 has been one of the most loveable and popular droids in the Star Wars franchise and has therefore appeared in many LEGO sets over the years. Not only has R2-D2 been a Minifigure plenty of times, but he's also been a giant brick-built character in many UCS-style sets. However, on 1st March 2024 the droid will be returning to his brick-built character form but this time at a more child-friendly and playable scale.

This set will be coming under the set number 75379 and will be unsurprisingly named R2-D2. Retailing for $99.99 with 1,050 pieces, the set will be aimed more at children rather than adults which can be reflected through its 9+ branding. This means R2-D2 should be a much less complicated build than previous versions and will be similar to LEGO Harry Potter's 76421 Dobby the House Elf from earlier this year.

Set Information

Set Name - R2-D2

Set Number - 75379

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 1,050

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st March 2024


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