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LEGO NINJAGO 71806 Cole's Earth Mech Rumoured For January 2024

LEGO NINJAGO and mechs are one of the best combinations it seems in the world of LEGO as more mechs are coming in 2024 for the LEGO NINJAGO theme. This includes 71806 Cole's Earth Mech which for $19.99 includes 235 pieces once it releases on 1st January 2024.

Unlike the previously rumoured 71805 Jay’s Battle Mech, 71806 focuses more on the build of the mech rather than the Minifigure selection. But the $20 set still includes two Minifigures of Cole and a Wolf Warrior as the ninja and enemy of the LEGO NINJAGO set. Most of the 235 pieces will then be used to construct Cole's Earth Mech which this time will be wielding a brick-built hammer.

71806 Cole's Earth Mech

Set Name - Cole's Earth Mech

Set Number - 71806

Age Range - 6+

Piece Count - 235

Price - $19.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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