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LEGO NINJAGO 71804 Arin's Battle Mech Rumoured For January 2024

LEGO 4+ sets have been very common in different LEGO themes including LEGO NINJAGO. And that trend is set to continue into 2024 with at least one 4+ branded model releasing next year. In particular, this is 71804 Arin's Battle Mech which for $14.99 will include 104 pieces which are usually bigger and less detailed as it's a 4+ set.

Either way, the $15 LEGO NINJAGO set will include two Minifigures of the ninja Arin and a wolf figure with a new moulded head. The main build of the set is unsurprisingly Arin's Mech making it the Minifigure's second-ever mech. A small terrain build is also included in the 104 pieces for the 1st January 2024 set.

71804 Arin's Battle Mech

Set Name - Arin's Battle Mech

Set Number - 71804

Age Range - 4+

Piece Count - 104

Price - $14.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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