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LEGO Minifigures 71039 Marvel Series 2 Minifigure Descriptions Rumoured For September 2023

The third and final LEGO Minifigures series is now closer than ever to its release as we have further information on the CMF series. Thanks to Brick Clicker we have further information about 71039 which will be the second LEGO Marvel CMF series following on from the success of the first a couple of years ago. The series will release on 1st September 2023 with a brand new range of 12 characters.

List of Minifigures

Kang the Conqueror - Based on Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania, Kang includes two heads (his regular head and his blue head) along with a new mould for his helmet, hair and an Ant-Man micro-figure.

Kate Bishop - She includes a bow, a quiver, a bullseye and Lucky the Dog which may or may not be a new dog piece.

Hawkeye - He also includes a bow and a quiver along with an owl which is a brand new mould unique to the owl that appeared in the final of the show. Hawkeye also includes a hearing aid which is printed on his head.

Moon Knight - Includes a new piece for multiple crescent darts along with the scarab as a 1x1 round printed tile and a white cape. Moon Knight also uses the hood piece in white from the rogue Minifigure from 71013 Series 16.

Mr Knight - He comes with some silver sticks which use the lightsaber piece in this colour. Mr Knight also includes Gus the Fish as a printed 1x2 brick and the tape recorder from episode 1 of Moon Knight.

She-Hulk - She includes a cell phone printed on a 1x2 tile and a law firm ad printed on a 2x3 tile. There's also the possibility she includes LEGO Avatar-like arms and legs.

Werewolf by Night - Includes the bloodstone on a 1x2 circular tile as his accessory however it's unknown yet if Werewolf will be in black and white or full colour.

Agatha Harkness - Branded under Wandavision, Agatha includes the Darkhold, a pair of purple power blast pieces and a purple cape.

Wolverine (X-Men 97) - Includes the basic mask, hair and claws. He also includes a buildable glass case which has a regular sentinel head inside. This is because all three X-Men 97 include some pieces to help make an extra Minifigure of the series of a Sentinel Minifigure.

Storm (X-Men 97) - She comes with lightning pieces, a white pauldron, a white cape and couple more pieces to make up the Sentinel Minifigure.

Beast (X-Men 97) - He comes with Wolverine's hair in blue and a yellow mug with an X on it. Beast also includes additional pieces for the Sentinel Minifigure.

Echo - This Minifigure is based on her version in her own Echo show which not much information is known about. However, she comes with a new super detailed LEGO mould along with her sticks as an accessory. Also included is a round plate with a hole in the middle.

As already mentioned, 71039 Marvel Series 2 will follow on from 71038 which celebrated 100 years of Disney along with a range of other sets throughout this year. This means once the second Marvel series releases in September 2023, it'll be the third and final series of the year. However, it will be the first LEGO Minifigure Series to be in boxes rather than the usual blind bags with LEGO making up for this by including more accessories/pieces.

This threat to the LEGO Minifigure series has been coming for a while but it turns out that LEGO will go ahead with its more sustainable plans. The boxes themselves will be smaller than the LEGO Super Mario Character Pack Boxes but will most likely make it impossible to feel for specific Minifigures. We don't know how this will impact sales or whether LEGO will continue this no matter what fans say...

General Series Information

Set Name - Marvel Series 2

Set Number - 71039

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023


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