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LEGO Disney 43247 Young Simba the Lion King Officially Revealed | June 2024

After the reveal of 43243 Simba The Lion King Cub a couple of weeks ago, we now have official images of another brand new LEGO Lion King set. Disney's The Lion King celebrates 30 years since it was first released in cinemas and to celebrate this occasion for the animated film, LEGO and Disney have teamed up to create two LEGO Lion King sets. And the second of the two of 43247 Young Simba the Lion King has been officially revealed today.

Those of you keen LEGO fans will know that since February 2023 we have been expecting our first LEGO Lion King set licensed under the popular and ever-expanding LEGO Disney theme. A survey leaked a brand new Simba model, along with plenty more new sets, scheduled for a 2024 release if the success rate was high and clearly it went down well.

Compared to the original leaked model, 43247 Young Simba the Lion King has an increased piece count of 1,445 pieces retailing for a total of $129.99. Simba is the main and only build of the 18+ model measuring 29 cm high and 29 cm deep. 43247 is obviously designed as more of a display model which can be seen by its more complex design and less moveable parts. In fact, only Simba's head and tail can be articulated meaning he always remains sat down.

The brick-built Simba is of course mainly yellow but includes a few tan pieces for his belly, a brown-coloured bush for his tail and a couple of little pink elements for both his tongue and his nose. No stickered elements are included meaning his cartoon eyes are printed with all other elements including his ears, legs and paws being entirely brick-built for an incredible display piece.

43247 Young Simba the Lion King

Set Name - Young Simba the Lion King

Set Number - 43247

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 1,445

Price - $129.99

Release Date - 1st June 2024

43247 Young Simba the Lion King is one of eleven LEGO Disney sets releasing on the 1st of June 2024 but what do you think? Will you be purchasing 43247 in just a couple of weeks time? Would you like to see more LEGO sets based on The Lion King in 2025 and beyond? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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