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LEGO Marvel 76269 18+ Avengers Tower D2C Leaked Online For November 2023

The last LEGO set of 2023 is finally here and for many fans, this will be the best set of the year and possibly the best set ever. In particular, this is the highly anticipated LEGO Marvel D2C of 76269 Avengers Tower. The Avengers Tower is such a popular MCU location which will appear in its biggest and most complex form once it releases on 24th November 2023.

Not only will 76269 Avengers Tower retail for a large price tag of $524.99, but it'll also include a large number of pieces at 5,201 in total. Unsurprisingly a large amount of Minifigures will also be included in this 18+ D2C set, mainly based on the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. It's currently being reported that a total of 31 Minifigures will be included in 76269 with around a quarter of these being exclusive.

As this is the Avengers Tower, 76269 includes a core cast of heroes of two Iron Man suits, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Vision, Antman as a microfigure, Wasp and an updated bigfig of Hulk. Side characters of Pepper Pots, Nick Fury, Wong, Loki and Dr Helen Cho are also included along with four Chitari soldiers. Even Kevin Feige appears in the 18+ set with a printed Avengers baseball hat.

But of course, the Minifigures are only a small section of this huge $525 LEGO set. The Avengers Tower itself includes technic pin connections so that it's compatible with other LEGO Marvel modular buildings from previous years such as Daily Bugle. It will also sit on the usual LEGO baseplate and have a small pavement section which includes a couple of benches, a lampost and the Battle of New York memorial.

Measuring 35.5 inches (90 cm) tall, the LEGO Avengers Tower includes a range of rooms based in and around the MCU. One side of the building and the roof can be easily lifted off to allow access and play to all of the rooms and their small details and easter eggs.

76269 even includes a couple of side builds of a Leviathan, a Quinjet and two Chitauri Chariots to reenact iconic Marvel battles. And for a $524.99 set with 5,201 pieces that's basically it but of course once we get official pictures we'll have even more details about the interior of the tower and its incredible Minifigure selection. For now, fans just need to eagerly wait for the official reveal on the 14th of November and the release on the 24th of November.

76269 Avengers Tower

Set Name - Avengers Tower

Set Number - 76269

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 5,201

Price - $524.99

Release Date - 24th November 2023

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Oct 14, 2023


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