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LEGO Marvel 76260 Captain America & Black Widow Bike Chase Rumoured For June 2023

The LEGO Marvel Summer 2023 rumours keep on coming as thanks to Brick Clicker on YouTube another set has been rumoured for a 1st June 2023 release. In particular, this set is 76260 Captain America & Black Widow Bike Chase which will retail for $14.99. This price tag, along with only 130 pieces included in the set, makes it one of the smallest sets of the Summer wave for the LEGO Marvel theme.

But as the name suggests, it seems like we'll be getting two bike builds for both Captain America and Black Widow in this set. This also means both Minifigure will be included in the $15 set once it releases on 1st June 2023. These Minifigures are likely to be fairly generic and not exclusive as more detailed and exclusive Minifigure will most likely come in the second LEGO Marvel Minifigure series releasing on 1st September 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Captain America & Black Widow Bike Chase

Set Number - 76260

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 130

Price - $14.99

Release Date - 1st June 2023

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