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LEGO Icons 40634 Icons of Play Rumoured For June 2023

Another LEGO Icons set has been rumoured for a 2023 release but this set is quite different compared to all the other 18+ sets released for the theme. This is because 40634 Icons of Play is another football-based set for the theme with the recent growth and popularity in Women's football. LEGO even went as far as sponsoring the Women's Euros last year.

In 40634 they'll be a total of 15 LEGO Minifigures including exclusive real-life Minifigures of Megan Rapinoe and Sarina Weigman to name a few. These will be included in the 5 real-life footballers, a manager, a referee and eight spectators who will most likely be your standard Minifigures.

The build includes only half a football pitch but this includes the usual white lines for the centre circle, the box, the penalty spot, etc along with a goal for one of the goalkeepers that are included in the set. They'll also be a spectator stand, dugouts and a small trophy stand for celebration after the match. This makes for a very interesting yet exciting LEGO Icons set which releases on 6th June 2023 with 899 pieces for $99.99.

Set Information

Set Name - Icons of Play

Set Number - 40634

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 889

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 6th June 2023


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