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LEGO Icons 10323 Pac-Man Arcade Rumoured For June 2023

One of LEGO's best themes in recent years is unsurprisingly expanding further as another set for the LEGO Icons theme is rumoured for 2023. This set in particular is 10323 which will be based on a brand new license for the theme as the set will be a brick-built Pac-Man Arcade. This will retail for $269.99 with a total of 2,651 pieces once it's available from 1st June 2023.

The build for the set itself should be a fair size considering the higher price and piece count with a lot of detail also included in the set. We expect it to be based on the classic Pac-Man game with many playable and functional parts of the 18+ set allowing fun for both adults and children. However, we expect the set to not include any Minifigures and instead include a brick-built version of Pac-Man and all the ghosts.

Set Information

Set Name - Pac-Man Arcade

Set Number - 10323

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,651

Price - $269.99

Release Date - 1st June 2023


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