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LEGO Icons 10320 Eldorado Fortress Officially Revealed | July 2023

The latest LEGO Icons set has been officially revealed and with it comes a wave of nostalgia for us older LEGO fans. This is because 10320 Eldorado Fortress is a modern 18+ remake of the LEGO Pirates set 6276 Eldorado Fortress. The set was first released in 1989 but this one which will release on 7th July 2023 including loads more pieces but fewer big pieces and more modern complicated modern techniques, showing the 30+ years of changes.

As already mentioned, with the original set being so old this new set has had many changes yet still looks similar to the original. The fortress is still mainly white and yellow and built on a small island as shown by the hints of sand and the blue sea baseplate. One of the new features of the set is the modular-like design as the set can be opened up and moved about in any way to allow better playability and better ways of displaying the 18+ set.

Inside there are many cool play features and mysteries with the fortress expanding from the top of the two all the way down to the deepest dungeons. There's a playable trap door, the Admiral's office with a map and candle, a working crane holding the treasure chest, a prison cell for the pirates and a lookout with a cannon. Many areas of scenery are also included like large palm trees and vines with many areas of the fortress being built into the rocks.

The set also includes two boats. One is a rowboat for the pirates to get a swift getaway while the other is a large ship with printed fabric sails. But of course, such a large set that will retail for $214.99 with 2,509 pieces isn't complete without a great Minifigure lineup. Eldorado Fortress includes a total of eight Minifigures, 6 imperial soldiers along with 2 pirates whilst a skeleton, a monkey, a parrot and some crabs are also included.

Set Information

Set Name - Eldorado Fortress

Set Number - 10320

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,509

Price - $214.99

Release Date - 7th July 2023


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