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LEGO Icons 10318 Concorde Officially Revealed | September 2023

From brick-built cars to brick-built planes, the 18+ LEGO Icons theme is expanding even further with a brand-new iconic aircraft. In particular, this is 10318 which is a brick-built model of the now-retired Concorde lane releasing at the start of next month. LEGO VIPs will be able to get the latest LEGO 18+ set from 4th September 2023 whilst everyone else will have access on 7th September 2023.

10318 Concorde will retail for $199.99 with 2,083 pieces included to make this beautifully sculptured aircraft. The plane is unsurprisingly microscale but includes some cool features inside such as seats for passengers and two toilets. In other areas of the aircraft, you can also see the inner workings of the plane such as its engine, its retractable landing gear and the adjustable cockpit.

The outside of the Concorde plane is mainly white but with a strip of red underneath the windows and some blue on its tip. The plane then sits on a new 18+ stand which has more curvature than any we've seen before in order to capture the plane flying across the globe. An information plaque showing all the cool statistics is also included in the $200 set which releases on 7th September 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Concorde

Set Number - 10318

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,083

Price - $199.99

Release Date - 7th September 2023


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