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LEGO Harry Potter Ford Anglia Car Rumoured For March 2024

The rumours for the next wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets have been known for some time but thanks to mtdbricks on Instagram one set in particular has caught our eye. This is because the leaker is reporting that one of the seven new LEGO Harry Potter sets releasing on 1st March 2024 is a brick-built version of the Ford Anglia Car.

The set, which has an unconfirmed set number or price, would be entirely the Ford Anglia car with possibly a small side build. The last LEGO Ford Anglia appeared in 2020s 75968 4 Privet Drive which is set to retire in just a few months time. So there is plenty of space on the shelves for a brand new, standalone version of this flying blue and white car.

Many fans are theorising that the set could possibly take the Speed Champions route. Here, the Ford Anglia would be eight studs wide with plenty of space for two Minifigures inside and a couple of trunks in the boot. This would also allow it to pair well with the slightly larger and detailed Hogwarts Express which appeared in 76423 Hogwarts Express & Hogsmeade Station earlier this year.

Either way, if this rumour of a LEGO Harry Potter Ford Anglia set is true then we can expect the flying car to appear in brick-built form in one of the seven rumoured LEGO Harry Potter sets listed below...

30677 *LEGO Harry Potter Polybag* ($4.99) - 2024

76424 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($14.99) - 165 pieces - 1st March 2024

76425 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($19.99) - 337 pieces - 1st March 2024

76426 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($37.99) - 350 pieces - 1st March 2024

76428 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($74.99) - 896 pieces - 1st March 2024

76429 *LEGO Harry Potter 18+ Icons* ($99.99) - 561 pieces - 1st March 2024

76430 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($44.99) - 364 pieces - 1st March 2024

76432 *LEGO Harry Potter* ($29.99) - 172 pieces - 1st March 2024


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