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LEGO Disney Stitch Buildable Figure Rumoured For 2024

Even though 2023 has been the biggest year yet for LEGO Disney, the theme didn't produce any buildable characters. We've already seen themes like Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter all produce brick-built versions of iconic characters yet the LEGO Disney theme has not. But this all looks to change thanks to a new rumour from exabrickslegogo_ on Instagram.

The leaker reported that a Stitch Budilable Figure would be releasing at some point in 2024 for the LEGO Disney theme. With already two Stitch Minifigures and many LEGO Ideas submissions based on the blue alien creature, it's no surprise that LEGO will finally be making a purely Stitch LEGO set. He'll most likely be similar to 76217 I am Groot where Groot includes moveable/posable arms and legs along with a cute big face.

Other details about the brick-built character of Stitch are basically non-existent. We have no set number and therefore no price or piece count. This also means we can't even roughly guess how large the LEGO Stitch would be or whether it will be branded under 18+. There are still so many unknowns which, if this rumour is true, should be confirmed within the next few months.

Either way, if this rumour of a LEGO Disney Stitch Buildable Figure set is true then we could expect Stitch to appear in brick-built form in one of the three rumoured LEGO Disney sets listed below which don't have set names yet...

43239 *LEGO Disney Animation* ($29.99) - 334 pieces - 1st March 2024

43247 *LEGO Disney* - 2024

43249 *LEGO Disney Animation* ($64.99) - 729 pieces - 1st March 2024


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