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LEGO Marvel 76286 The Milano Spaceship Officially Revealed | August 2024

The Guardians of the Galaxy film is 10 years old this year and what better way to celebrate the occasion than a brand new LEGO set. In particular, it's a brand new version of the well-known Liano spaceship which is the main ship used in the series until it gets severely damaged by the Sovereign. On the 1st of August 2024, we'll be getting the biggest brick version of the Milano to date with 2,090 pieces retailing for $179.99.

76286 The Milano Spaceship is the biggest in size, pieces and prise yet still keeps the exact same colour scheme of blue, orange and white. And with it being such a big size, a full interior of the ship is also included. This can be opened up with ease and has plenty of space for all the Minifigures in 76286. The iconic, large brick-built ship is then complete with a black display stand, making it the perfect display and play model.

But moving away from the Milano spaceship build itself, the $180 set also includes five Minifigures. These are Star-Lord Gamora (prints on the legs), Rocket, Little Groot in a white bow and Drax. All five of these characters, which include plenty of new, detailed prints on their torso and legs, appear in the same set together for the first time, making it the perfect set to celebrate 10 years of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

76286 The Milano Spaceship

Set Name - The Milano Spaceship

Set Number - 76286

Age Range - 12+

Piece Count - 2,090

Price - $179.99

Release Date - 1st August 2024

76286 The Milano Spaceship releases on the 1st of August 2024 but what do you think? Will you be purchasing 76286 in a few months time? What other Guardians of the Galaxy sets do you own? And do you see this as your favourite Guardians LEGO set yet? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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