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LEGO Disney Frozen 43197 The Ice Castle Officially Revealed

The largest Mini-doll set of all time has finally been revealed, LEGO Disney Frozen The Ice Castle. The large castle that is an iconic scene in the films contains 1709 pieces and five different Minifigures. These Minifigures include Elsa in her coronation outfit, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and another version of Elsa in her classic outfit. The set also includes four cute Snowgie figures.

The frozen themed build is one giant castle made of snow, white LEGO pieces and ice, blue/see-thru LEGO pieces. Inside the castle contains a double staircase with one on each side of the castle. These lead up to the throne room which contains a balcony over looking the mountain, a glistening ice fountain that can be seen down below, a small play house and a stand for Elsa's jewellery.

However, the build doesn't just stop there. On the next floor is Elsa's bed continuing the white and blue colour scheme and being covered with crystal pieces. A small cabinet can also be seen above the bed which can probably be used to store more jewellery and outfits for Elsa. The top of the castle is topped off with many cool ice pieces and a little area for what looks like a penguin to sit.

Set Information

Set Name - The Ice Castle

Set Number - 43197

Ages - 14+

Piece Count -

Price - $209.99/£199.99

Release Date - 1st July 2021


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