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LEGO Disney Buildable Simba Character Rumoured + Leaked For 2024 | LEGO The Lion King?!

LEGOs celebrations for 100 years of Disney are set to continue even further with a brand new iconic brick-built character of Simba from the Lion King. This comes after JeanGreyForever took part in a survey where they were asked questions about how much they would pay for upcoming LEGO sets and existing LEGO sets. LEGO 18+ brick-built characters have been very common with LEGO Disney having one a few years ago.

But this is quite a different set to that of 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters as this is a much more detailed a different character. Simba is one of the main characters in the Lion King but LEGO has never made any sets based on the Lion King franchise. So if this rumoured yet unconfirmed set were to release next year it would be the first based on the Lion King.

However, it will be of course in an 18+ brick-built form with Simba being 30 cm tall, 16cm wide and 25cm deep. His built in a sitting position but it looks like his pose can be changed both in terms of his head and his legs along with his tail. The build is mainly yellow of course but captures many of the lion's distinct features like his ears and eyes making the prototype set have a total of 1,353 pieces

Set Information

Set Name - Buildable Simba Character

Set Number - TBC

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,353

Price - around $99.99

Release Date - 2024


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