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LEGO DC 76265 Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker Officially Revealed | August 2023

After the reveal of the 1989 Batmobile this more, LEGO have officially revealed the 1989 Batwing to go alongside the car. This is under the set number 76265 which is entitled Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker making it another LEGO DC Batman set. But at least it's a LEGO DC set which, before this summer, hadn't had a proper LEGO set for almost two years.

Many fans may be disappointed by this as it was only a couple of years ago since our last 1989 Batwing under the set number 76161. But this has now retired and was a massive 18+ D2C only available in certain stores. So this new version of 76265 is way more play-friendly with cool mechanics and Minifigures of Batman and Joker. All of this and more will retail for $34.99 with 357 pieces included releasing on 1st August 2023

Set Information

Set Name - Batwing: Batman vs. The Joker

Set Number - 76265

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 357

Price - $34.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023

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