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LEGO Creator 40651 Australia Postcard Officially Revealed | January 2023

After four LEGO Postcards revealed last year, another one has been officially revealed carrying on the mini location builds. This next one in particular is 40651 Australia Postcard making it the first one to be based on an entire country once it releases on 1st January 2023.

As with the other fours postcard sets, 40561 will retail for $14.99 with a total of 191 pieces. These make up a lovely outback scenery of a mini shed, a windmill, a eucalyptus tree, some desert flowers and a cockatoo who sits in the tree and flowers. A decorative printed piece with 'Australia' on it is also included to place at the front of the brick built postcard along with a printed kangaroo sign.

Set Information

Set Name - Australia Postcard

Set Number - 40651

Ages - 7+

Piece Count - 191

Price - $14.99

Release Date - 1st January 2023


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