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LEGO City 60367 Passenger Airplane Officially Revealed | September 2023

We may have already had this year's LEGO City Summer 2023 sets revealed and release in certain parts of the world but another set is on its way. This is 60367 Passenger Airplane which will be one of the biggest (of course not the biggest) LEGO City sets of 2023. For a high price of $119.99, 913 pieces are included along with 7 Minifigures of a pilot, airport staff and civilians.

Unsurprisingly, the main build is the Passenger Airline itself which comes with a more modern look in a white, blue and green colour scheme. The aircraft has a fairly detailed interior with a cockpit for the pilot along with seating, an aisle and a toilet for the passengers to thoroughly enjoy their ride.

And an aeroplane is not complete without its ground support vehicles. These include an airstair, apron bus, pushback tug, catering truck and baggage truck making just the airport itself missing from another fabulous LEGO City set. However, we will have a couple of months to wait until we can get out hands on the $120 set as it will be releasing on 1st September 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Passenger Airplane

Set Number - 60367

Ages - 7+

Piece Count - 913

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023


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