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LEGO Christmas Set 40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride GWP Officially Revealed | 1st December 2023

Less than four more weeks until the most festive time of the year and luckily LEGO will once again be celebrating this special occasion with two Christmas GWPs. Both will be available in just a few days starting from 1st December 2023 and lasting until 14th December 2023. The first of these is the bigger of the two of 40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride which with 153 pieces is valued at roughly $22.99.

40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride includes a total of three Minifigures and a horse within those 153 pieces. The horse is brown and is used to pull the Wintertime Carriage that the three Minifigures are sat on. One of the Minifigures is the old man who's helping drive the Wintertime Carriage whilst the other two are passengers sitting in the back. Both are wearing red scarves and are likely mother and son.

The carriage itself takes up most of the set with it being a beautiful blend of red, black and gold. Most of the gold is used on the huge wheels used at the rear and some smaller ones are used at the front. Two lanterns are also included at the front of the carriage to light the way along with a couple of festive leaves and plants.

Altogether this makes for a very festive set which feels like it could be a scene from A Christmas Carol. 40603 will be available for just under two weeks from 1st December 2023 until 14th December 2023. And it will be available with any purchases over the threshold of $150. The other LEGO Christmas GWP of 40604 Christmas Decor Set will also be available during this time period.

40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride GWP

Set Name - Wintertime Carriage Ride GWP

Set Number - 40603

Age Range - 9+

Piece Count - 153

Price - GWP over $150

Release Date - 1st December 2023


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