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LEGO Christmas Set 40564 Winter Time GWP Rumoured For November/December 2022

After the reveal of three LEGO Christmas sets earlier last week, another one has now been rumoured to celebrate the holiday season. 40564, currently under the name 'Winter Time' will be a brand new Christmas set for 2022 but will be a promotional item compared to 40570, 40571 and 40572 which are all available for retail from 1st September or 1st October 2022 depending on your region.

The current set name confirms it is a festive-themed set but does not give away exactly what's in the set as both 40571 and 40572 had this name for a while. However, 40564 is likely to be a Minifigure scale Christmas set as not only do we have no Christmas Minifigure scale sets yet, but most Christmas promotional sets contain Santa and Elf Minifigures.

Set Information

Set Name - *Winter Time GWP*

Set Number - 40564

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - GWP

Release Date - November/December 2022


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