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LEGO Art 31212 The Milky Way Galaxy Rumoured For May 2024

After 31211 Macaw Parrots released in January, the LEGO Art theme will finally see the release of its second model of 2024 on the 1st of May 2024. In particular, this brand new brick-built set is 31212 The Milky Way Galaxy which will retail for $199.99 with a total of 3,091 pieces. The 18+ branded theme will move from animals and nature in January to intergalactic missions with a brick-built artistic view of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In recent years, LEGO has moved away from the original LEGO Art sets which included 1,000s of just 1x1 studs on a hangable plate. Instead, we see these 18+ models mix both 1x1 studs with ordinary LEGO pieces like in Januarys 31211 Macaw Parrots and 2023s 31208 Hokusai – The Great Wave.

31212 The Milky Way Galaxy could follow either but with such a high piece count of 3,091, it's more likely we see 1x1 studs, or smaller bricks included, to recreate the Milky Way Galaxy in LEGO form. Such a high piece count could also signify alternative builds and options to redesign the brick-built creation of the Milky Way Galaxy however you may wish.

An even better inclusion would be a couple of glow-in-the-dark and translucent elements to really make the galaxy pop and feel alive as it would do in the dark depths of space. And this would look fantastic when it's hung up just like the rest of the LEGO Art sets can.

31212 The Milky Way Galaxy

Set Name - The Milky Way Galaxy

Set Number - 31212

Age Range - 18+

Piece Count - 3,091

Price - $199.99

Release Date - 1st May 2024

31212 The Milky Way Galaxy releases on the 1st of May 2024 but what do you think? Will you be buying a brick-built Milky Way Galaxy to hang on your wall? What other LEGO Art sets would you like to see in 2024? Let us know in the comments below.


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