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LEGO 71033 The Muppets Minifigures Series Officially Revealed | May 2022

Over a week since our first official tease and over a month since the first leak, the next LEGO Minifigures series has finally been officially revealed. We now get a detailed look at all 12 of the Muppets characters making their LEGO debut in 71033 The Muppets. The series will be officially available from 1st May 2022 and, even though it's a licensed series with many new pieces, it will be available for the usual retail price of $4.99.

List of Minifigures

Here is the list of 12 Minifigures coming in The Muppets Series in their checklist order:

Rowlf the Dog - Our first character, who like many characters in this series, comes with a brand new moulded head which shows his big mouth and long ears. Surprisingly, his torso is fairly detailed with obvious bits of brown fury. Two accessories of a small marble statue of a person along with some music notes printed on a piece book page piece.

Dr Bunsen Honeydew - He comes with a classic scientist outfit along with a beaker containing some pink liquid along with a printed label.

Beaker - One of the most funniest head moulds included in the series is Beakers with an extremely panicked look and a small bit of red frizzy hair. He also includes a grey walkie talkie with a brand new walkie talkie print.

Gonzo - Our favourite blue character comes with another new head mould showing off his giant purple nose. He's dressed in a funny chilli suit and new printed mid legs. He comes with his white chicken and love of his life Camilla.

Kermit the Frog - The most iconic Muppets character comes with a brand new headpiece with his mouth being very wide open. His accessories are a brand new piece for a Banjo and a printed rainbow tile which is fairly common now.

Miss Piggy - She comes in a pink dress with some purple gloves along with a 2x3 printed tile of herself in the same dress but with a pink sparkling background and the words Miss Piggy in a big fancy font.

Fozzie Bear - Another new head mould but this time with a small brown hat that'll most likely be attachable. A scarf is printed on his torso along with bits of light brown fur. He also comes with a banana and a black microphone on the usual classic stand build.

Animal - Another extremely detailed Minifigure with a very fury crazy head mould and some great torso printing. His accessory is the best build of the series with a detailed drum kit with a brand new print. There are also two of the wand pieces to be used as sticks to play the small drum kit.

Waldorf - He also comes with a suit but this time in a dark brown. His accessories are a printed 2x2 tile with the letters 'ZZZ' and a teacup on a saucer which was first seen around the time the LEGO NINJAGO movie was released.

Statler - He comes with another new headpiece along with a blue suit. His accessory is a laptop which includes a print of Scooter not in LEGO form and some messages presumably with Scooter.

Swedish Chef - It's unclear yet whether his head mould is two pieces or just one but his torso is a classic chef's outfit along with a pink bow tie. Accessories of two whisks and a tomato that uses a Minifigure head with a printed expression are included.

Janice - Our last Minifigure is the only other female character in the series. She obviously has a new head mould too which includes both her hair and hat as well. A new printed guitar is also included.

The Packaging & Checklist

The Muppets series will have fairly plain packaging which is quite the opposite of the detailed Minifigures included. It'll once again be plastic packaging with it mainly just being white. The Minifigures logo is at the top with the Muppets logo at the side. This carries on to the checklist with a white border at the top and on the right but a Kermit green in the middle with a little bit of texturing.

General Series Information

Set Name - The Muppets

Set Number - 71033

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 7

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st May 2022


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