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LEGO 40690 Tribute To Jules Verne's Books GWP Rumoured For 21st June 2024

In previous years we've seen two LEGO 'tribute' Gift With Purchases with the most recent of these being the LEGO Ideas set of 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei. But in 2024 we'll be getting a brand new tribute promotional item of 40690 Tribute To Jules Verne's Books GWP. The 12+ model will include a total of 351 pieces for a currently unknown threshold that starts on the 21st of June 2024.

The set pays homage to Jules Verne’s books with a small microscale diorama. This is in the form of, unsurprisingly, an open book with a brick-built bridge that includes a black train on it. For those Jules Verne fans out there, you'll know this is also better know as the Jules Verne Train or the "Train Time Machine" or simply the "Time Train".

Also in the microscale is a brick-built hot air balloon and a golden Nautilus submarine. All of this references Jules Verne and adds to an Easter egg-heavy build for an incredible author from France. And of course, the 351 pieced build isn't complete without the man himself as Jules Verne is included as an exclusive Minifigure in 40690.

40690 Tribute To Jules Verne's Books GWP

Set Name - Tribute To Jules Verne's Books GWP

Set Number - 40690

Age Range - 12+

Piece Count - 351

Price - TBC GWP

Release Date - 21st June 2024

40690 Tribute To Jules Verne's Books GWP becomes available on the 21st of June 2024 but what do you think? Will you be looking to purchase 40690 in just less than a months time? What do you think of these tribute sets? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


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