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LEGO 2022 Modular 10297 Boutique Hotel Officially Revealed | Winter 2022

The next LEGO Modular Building has finally been revealed to celebrate 15 years of the LEGO Modular system. 10297 Boutique Hotel is one of the last revealed sets for 1st January 2022 but as usual, the LEGO Modular set has not disappointed. A Gift With purchase is also rumoured to be coming with this set to celebrate the 15th Anniversary but this has not yet been revealed.

But going back to the Modular Building, 10297 Boutique Hotel is a brand new corner Modular Building that sits at a 90 degrees angle. The building is the usual three-storey high with the ground floor in its nougat colour being connected to the street. Here there's a couple of flowers and the usual white lamp post.

Elsewhere on the ground floor is the one-storey El Cubo art gallery. The room is quite small but has a few bits of art on show including exclusive prints. A grey staircase above the gallery leads to a terrace that's a part of the hotel. Here there's a palm tree and some tables and chairs.

This terrace is right next to the first floor of the Hotel which, unlike the ground floor which is just a lobby, has one room for someone to stay in. There's not that much room at all on this floor so there's just this room, a tight corridor and some stairs leading to the second and final floor.

The final floor is the most colourful on the outside and uses the most amount of space on the inside. There are altogether three rooms with one of them just being the main room. This is seen when first walking up the stairs and has a bed, a wardrobe, a classic tv and a chair. The other two rooms are a bathroom and a little storage place.

Along with the main modular building will be six Minifigures. These include a female Minifigure in a turquoise uniform, a male Minifigure in a turquoise uniform, a coffee seller with a small coffee cart, a female Minifigure with a dress and grey hair, a female Minifigure with glasses and orange hair and most likely runs the art gallery, and finally another male Minifigure with a grey suit and a top hat.

Set Information

Set Name - Boutique Hotel

Set Number - 10297

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 3066

Price - $199.99

Release Date - 1st January 2022


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