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Bricks Up Goes Social: Join Our LEGO Journey on Instagram

Since 2021 the Bricks Up website has continued to grow and grow covering the latest gossip and news from the world of bricks. But as we celebrate two years of Bricks Up it's time to further expand our community of builders into the world of social media. And so we are proud to announce that Bricks Up is now on Instagram!

Our Instagram has been active for a week now and we have big plans to further expand our presence online and improve the website to make your experience even better. With the Bricks Up Instagram account, we're able to take our passion for the bricks to the next level, offering a fresh space where our community can engage, inspire and explore the possibilities of the world of LEGO. All this and easy access to the Bricks Up website which will remain the central hub for finding out all the latest LEGO news.

So what should you expect from the Bricks Up Instagram account?

  1. Breaking News: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time LEGO news. Our latest news articles and blog posts will be posted in our stories with easy links to access the most interesting of reads.

  2. Latest Reveals: Follow us on Instagram and receive the latest reveals of brand-new sets in your feed. From pictures of the latest LEGO Minifigures series to the launch of a brand new theme, we'll be covering it all and more.

  3. Behind the scenes: Still wanting more from Bricks Up? Well with our Instagram account, you can learn more about us, how we write our news articles and discover exclusive content. We'll provide you with everything you need so that you really feel a part of the Bricks Up community.

  4. MOC Spotlights: With the LEGO community being so creative it's impossible not to show off some of the incredible creations and ideas. We'll show you the best ideas from some of the best MOC builders, giving you inspiration for your own builds and LEGO cities.

  5. Community Building: Interact with fellow LEGO enthusiasts, ask questions, share your own creations, and be part of the ever-growing LEGO community. We're excited to see your comments, likes, and shares on all things Bricks Up and LEGO.

The fun is just starting so join us on our official Bricks Up Instagram account and give us a follow in order to benefit from all these perks and more. Be the first to discover LEGO news, rumours, leaks and more whilst being able to interact with fellow master builders. The website will of course remain our number 1 priority but with Bricks Up now on social media we're able to get even closer to some of the best builders in the world.

Thank you for your continued support and we can't wait to see you on Instagram!


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